Supporting your skin when it’s at its most vulnerable

Diagnosis, treatment and aftercare is an overwhelming process, throughout which you’re expected to understand a lot of complex information about what your body is likely to experience. One of many side effects is that your skin’s natural immunity and protective barrier can become compromised, making it highly sensitive to certain ingredients, products and environmental factors. At Moksi, we develop formulas to work with the body when it’s at its most vulnerable, supporting its health and recovery from within.

1. Protection and Recovery

After treatment, the skin’s natural protection is compromised. Moksi products are carefully formulated to form a new protective barrier against environmental factors (like sun, pollution and bacteria) so that the skin can recover safely. Unlike other products which are often formulated with occlusive minerals that can cause the skin to become ‘lazy’ in forming its own barrier, our shield is non-occlusive, so your skin can remain protected while it rebuilds its own healthy defences.

2. Immunity & Regeneration

Treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and cortisone can cause the skin to become more sensitive, thinner, and its immunity reduced. This is because the natural microbiome can is damaged, exposing the dermis to environmental germs. Moksi products are formulated to boost immunity by stimulating stem cells and fibroblasts, helping the skin to renew and repair itself from the inside out.

3. Nourishment & Hydration

As a result of treatment, skin cells, fibroblasts and stem stells can suffer significant damage, resulting in dry, flaky, itchy or inflamed skin with a weakened barrier and loss of elasticity. Moksi products contain the necessary moisturising building blocks to restore naturally occurring skin lipids.

4. Mild & Gentle

When skin is suffering from the side effects of treatment, it’s vulnerable to more damage caused by cosmetics and beauty products typically applied. Instead, Moksi is designed to support and protect the skin with the purest and mildest emulsifiers, stabilisers, surfactants and preservatives selected for their gentle properties. We never use fragrances, essential oils, parabens or gluten, all of which can irritate skin.

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