Cancer treatment friendly skincare

When treatment is tough on your body,
our products are gentle.

At the age of 27 our founder was diagnosed with a hormone-sensitive breast tumor.
As for many other cancer patients, the heavy therapies took their toll on Lies’ skin.

While sick, she struggled with finding the right skincare for a skin that’s in active treatment. In her quest for comfort and skincare during a challenging time, she embarked on a mission to develop a range of skincare products specially tailored to the unique needs of oncology patients. 


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We offer gentle, hypoallergenic products that respect and support sensitive skin during their treatment. Treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and cortisone can cause the skin to become more sensitive, thinner, and its immunity reduced. Moksi products are formulated to boost immunity, helping the skin to renew and repair itself from the inside out.


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You can focus on your journey knowing your skin is getting the best care. 


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